Sep 2019

CV - Cha Vøhtz - Green People
New branding to the Age Defy+ range

CV Packaging

Photography © Green People

The new sub-brand CV - Cha Vøhtz applied to the Age Defy+ range, designed by burst* launches.

We worked again with the inspirational Charlotte V∅htz to create a more personal CV Cha Vøhtz brand and packaging for the Age Defy+ range.

Therange was shortlisted on The Beauty Shortlist, see the New Launch Spotlight article here:
The Beauty Shortlist

Charlotte Vøhtz

Nov 2018

James + Jake brand launches

James + Jake brand packaging

Photography © James + Jake

The new James + Jake mens grooming brand designed by burst* launches.

Watch the launch video here
and browse the great packaging (products)!

James + Jake Video front

June 2016

Superdrug B. Men selling well!

B Men Range lineup

Launched October 2015.

The new Superdrug B. Men brand designed by burst* quickly grew into the top 3 brands in male skincare.

The best seller - Charcoal Face Scrub - over performed its forecast by 286%

January 2016

"Dick Bruna feature - Our CD is asked to contribute"

Kasia - Dick Bruna

Kasia Rust Our creative director was asked to contribute towards an editorial celebrating 60 years of the works of Dick Bruna.

December 2015

"Superdrug B Men - Front cover of NME"

Superdrug B Men NME cover

burst* created the new B Men brand and packaging featured on the front cover of NME magazine.

To find out more about the new branding please get in touch.

March 2015

PS. . . a new campaign for Primark Beauty

Primark PS... 2015

burst* Designed & Art Directed the POS campaign for PS... Beauty for 2015.
'Playing with product'

The new campaign sees new POS images based around a product focussed theme. Being messy and having fun, interacting with the product, cheeky and colourful to showcase the breadth of colours and products available.

In store now.

September 2014

Love Beauty - launches!

Love Beauty logo

burst* created a new brand identity for Love Beauty.

The Love Beauty Studios will be in-store at Primark stores in UK and Ireland, just launched in Manchester & Liverpool, Dublin on 29 September and plans to roll out nationwide soon.

You can follow them on Instagram, twitter and Facebook

September 2014

Superdrug B. range Colour Palettes promoted before launch on British Beauty Blogger

Superdrug B. Colour Palettes

burst* created the B.Creative Art Edition Palettes for Superdrug's B. range. These are soon to be launched in-store, however British Beauty Blogger had a sneak preview and featured them on their blog.

You can find out more on British Beauty Blogger's website here.

March 2014

"The Ride of Hope" charity event becomes the official - "Ride for Life"

Ride for Life logo

burst* helped the Brighton based charity event "The Ride of Hope" with branding, website and promotion.

After a third successful event and a large internationally attended 12 hour marathon it captured the attention of the main Charity - Cancer Research - such that it has been adopted as an official event under the name "Ride for Life".

We crafted the new updated logo - this time it's pink!

March 2014

Our handsome hound promotes The Kennels
at Goodwood

Alfie at Goodwood

Alfie is appearing on the Goodwood website.

Alfie was chosen to appear in a selection of images created to show how
The Kennels can be booked for Weddings and Celebrations.

The dogs of members can have their own bowl at the clubhouse.

February 2014

Primark P.S. Beauty brand Video.
Creative and art direction by burst*

burst* have conceived and art directed the promotional video for Primark's new P.S. Beauty brand.

The video will be shown in-store, on the website and Primark social media to introduce and promote Primark's new P.S. beauty brand, created by burst*

As part of an integrated promotional campaign burst* art directed the photographer David Oldham to create a video to introduce and showcase the P.S. beauty brand at launch.

See more about the P.S. brand in our portfolio section.

February 2014

Primark P.S. Beauty brand launches!

Primark - PS

burst* have created a new beauty brand for Primark - P.S.
The idea behind the P.S. brand was to design a beauty range for the fast fashion Primark consumer, it is young, fun and fashion led. The P.S. brand was designed to make all the products feel like must have accessories.

Within the beauty offering there are currently three categories:

The P.S. ranges will expand over the coming year and will roll out in all Primark stores both UK and internationally.

See more in our portfolio section.

December 2013

Superdrug dry shampoo re-design in-store now!

Superdrug - dry shampoo

burst* have re-designed the dry shampoo range we had originally designed in 2010.

We commissioned a Brighton illustrator to help us work a photographic image into a strong graphic and stylised "look". Strong transparent colours working with the metal of the cans and colour matched caps further differentiate.

See more in our portfolio section.

Illustration: Damian Claughton - portfolio

December 2013

Green People launch Age Defy+
A unique skin care regime for women aged 35+ which combines the miracle of nature with the brilliance of science

Green People Age Defy+

burst* have designed the new Age Defy+ range for Green People.

We worked closely with Green People to develop the packaging and identity of the 35+ age range products.

Green People website


Superdrug refresh Colour Performance
Hair Colourants

Superdrug - colour performance hair colourants

burst* have refreshed the Colour Performance range of hair colourants we had originally designed in 2010.

A lighter pack design with a strong brand name in copper foil and a more natural style to the images.

See more in our portfolio section.

Photography: Iain Phillpott - website

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