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The Goodwood Estate

Print, Art direction, packaging and direct mail

We create innovative, creative brochures and direct marketing solutions for this amazing place. Goodwood is the ultimate luxury experience brand that combines a peaceful English aristocratic Country Estate, Grand masters and sporting excellence with high fashion, precision engineering and modern art with attention to detail and what is called The Goodwood twist.

Everything we have designed focuses on the complete experience. The feel of the paper, the embossed typography or the hand tipped in pages. The experience of opening the envelope or parcel and the process of discovery. The creative pieces we produce aim to be engaging, inspiring, intelligent and quintessentially English.

Goodwood is a visual wonderland and we art direct photography shoots across the estate from food, cars, fashion and interiors working with a number of fantastic photographers.

"Hi there,
Just a short note really - to congratulate you on one of the nicest pieces of targeted DM I've seen in a very long time.

Your beautiful 'Treats For You' book is really well conceived and very nicely written, and I'd have been very proud of it myself (and I've been in the marketing communications business for the best part of 30 years).

Pat yourselves (and your agency) on the back - it will reinforce your brand credentials and I sincerely hope it boosts your booking!

Kind regards, Andy"

Andy Tyne - via Twitter and e-mail

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